ohno, alone

Two plus something years later.

Long time no see? I had the sudden urge to post a few things, whether anyone will still give a shit about my lj or not~ lol! anyway here goes~ (ง °꒳°)ว

10x Bangtan Sonyeondan icons
10x iKON icons
20x KinKi Kids icons
30x WINNER icons

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jaechun, hug

A year.

Exactly one year has passed since my last entry! Yes, I'm still alive. (And LJ keeps getting uglier and uglier) I wanted to say a lot, but now that I'm typing.. I don't remember. LOL! Anyway I felt like posting a little batch of icons... it's not much and some I had lying around for my own use, but decided to share. And ugh the fanart ones are way too cute. :3 I had to make em into icons. So.. hope you like! ♥ after a year.. ahem.

36x KinKi Kids icons (+ fanart)

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ohno, alone

On sunny days, I pick up the scent of the ocean.

Total random post. I've been a lazy ass and didn't know what to post.. still don't so have a small post of poo, once again. It has also been a while since I last made some animated icons and to my surprise I made so many variations! (couldn't choose) Ahem~ and also a bunch of pointless gifs which I had lying around. Anyway! Hope you like? ♥

06x Sasaki Nozomi icons
10x KinKi Kids animated icons
06x NEWS icons
08x Arashi icons
06x Gifs (random: Eito's Maru, Arashi & KinKi)

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hongki, dead?

The foolish dance of the seasons are a constant ache.

I feel like I'm kinda running out of things to post so... I'm debating whether I should quit doing this or not. Oh well~ in the meantime.. here's a small boring icon batch of fail. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

06x Ikuta Toma (& Yoshitaka Yuriko) icons
35x KinKi Kids icons
07x Narimiya Hiroki icons

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hongki, dead?

Our future is blowing in the wind..

Beginning this year with a small icon post. Most of them have been laying around on my PC for too long AKA piled up crap, so I thought I'd dump em here. XD Also~ Happy New Yeaaar, everyone! ♥

15x JYJ icons
15x Arashi icons
15x Kanjani8 icons

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let's talk of a tomorrow with love, of a tomorrow with light.

So.. I thought I'd make a moodtheme again but I ended up with three. Omfg, seriously.
I don't know how others do it, but this is so much work! D: So I hope someone will like it or I'll have to go somewhere and die. LOL XD

01x Animated moodtheme of KinKi Kids
01x Animated moodtheme of Domoto Koichi
01x Animated moodtheme of Domoto Tsuyoshi

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stock,  draw life

Believe in eternity, the future, and tomorrow..

Yohoho~ here I am again with a few random things. Not much.. and oh~ a lovely lady in my icons.
How did that happen? XD LOL! hope you like ♥

06x Nishino Kana icons
12x Matsuda Shota icons
10x Narimiya Hiroki icons
08x NEWS icons & 04x gifs (Tegomasu, really)

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sakurai, up and away

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